From Fire to Farm - Beeline Blooms farm is the story of rising from the ashes of the CZU complex fire in Santa Cruz County, California to become a dahlia farm. This video by Smiling Soil follows Karla DeLong as she and her family embark on a journey to heal their family and their land.

From Fire to Farm | Beeline Blooms
Moving Forward - Wildfires can be a traumatic experience, and the trauma can be compounded by the stress of having to recover. In this short documentary by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), the DeLong family shares some insights on how to plan for a wild fire and manage expectations afterwards.
Moving Forward | Beeline Blooms


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Rainbow riot: Ben Lomond dahlia farm offers respite amid fire recovery

BEN LOMOND -- For Karla DeLong, the 3-year-old memory of how the CZU Lightning Complex fires scoured both her family’s land and the greater community seems like a lifetime ago.

Beeline Blooms
From Ash To Offering

Edible Monterey Bay -- A dahlia farm brings hope to a scorched corner of the Santa Cruz Mountains

Karla DeLong | Beeline Blooms
My wife decided to make a dahlia farm...

Lookout Santa Cruz -- A story of coming home with the sole purpose of bringing color and joy back to our devastated community.

Karla DeLong | Beeline Blooms

San Lorenzo Valley Post -- Karla DeLong and Beeline Blooms Dahlia Farm in Ben Lomond - By Julie Horner

Special Mentions

A letter from Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo

A letter from Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (2022) and a photograph shot by Jackie Fogerty at Beeline Blooms farm wins the American Dahlia Society 2002 People's Choice Photo Contest.

photo shot by Jackie Fogerty
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